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It is widely known that Malayalam Christians began to sing their songs by translating the western flags into Malayalam. The use of songs that we see in it is likely to be such a limit. So it must have been that the Christians of Kerala would have sung songs before the Bible (before 1811). Indeed, the difficulty in collecting songs must have been a source of discouragement for those who showed interest. Even if it had been collected, the possibility that the collection would be available today is very low. It was better for someone who was interested in the history of our history to conduct such studies.

With the arrival of the Westerners, the printing industry also acquired Malayalam. So, with the help of other books, the songbooks were also available. If we got translations of western flags of the first and foremost music then the indigenous blessings of the songwriters stood there and started producing our own songs and songs. In this case, we should thank the lyricist Yususus Yousaf. Afterwards, many educated and unhealthy writers inspired the writings of many songs in their experiences and enriched the Christian kairali. The songs became an integral part of our worship.​​​​

In the last one and half decades, we have received many song and music books. Some of them have been praised, praised, and praised for promoting songs. Spiritual songs and Zion Geethavali also took the place in Christian homes and churches.

Although some of the songpieces of the songs have been combined, the use of such songbooks was limited to the fact that music was scientifically literate and because the sounds became popular. So, the songs of many songs have so far become lost. Any change in sadness has changed since we have cassettes. Many songs were saved. Many of the songs were dropped because of the cost of production and the limitation of songs in a cassette.

In this digital age we have a got a new opportunity.